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The Magna Grecia Jonica’s Gran Tour

Who wants to jump back in the time and to venture among the fascinating cultural and artistic treasures, can do it in the province of Matera, in the “Magna Grecia” of the Basilicata region.

The Magna Grecia is waiting for you to know better art, architecture, archeology, tipical landscapes and products of its territory.

The Andriace’s archeoreserve guides, all professional and licensed by the Basilicata region, will be helful to orginize and guide suggestions of Gran Tour, for one or more days, through personilized packages including lodging, that will be suitable to every exigence. The holiday packages, of one or more days, will be orginized according to the following itineraries’suggestions:


ITINERARY 1: “The Archeoreserve of Andriace, the roman farm of the Andriace’s wood and the badlands of Montalbano Jonico”.

Visit to the Andriace’s archeoreserve, that is the biggest experimental archeological reserve in Italy with its 10 hectares of extension, a big open air museum that keeps the natural sized rebuilding of ancient structures, scientifically documented, as the Neolithic village and the ikria (one of the first examples of wooden shapes, used for manifestations and public representations in the greek world between the 7th and the 4th centuries b.C.). Inside the archeoreserve you could take part to experimental archeological laboratories and to pass through naturalistic traks thanks to the help of didactical grants. Although the itinerary suggests the visit to the archeological digs, to the rebuilding roman farm of the Andriace’s wood, the visit to the important archeological area of Termitito and finally the visit to the special naturalistic landscape of the Montalbano Jonico’s badlands, characterized by important typical geological aspects and by a tipical vegetation, that have resisted to the difficult weather conditions.

ITINERARY 2: “The archeological area and the National Archeological Museum of “Siritide” in Policoro”.

Visit to the “Siritide” museum that keeps the finds of the Agri and Sinni valleys and also the testimonies of Siris and Herakleia towns, which can be found also in the archeoreserve’s archeological area.

ITINERARY 3: “The Santa Maria d’Anglona Basilica, Tursi and the Rabatana”.

Visit to the sanctuary of Santa Maria d’Anglona, to the Rabatana in Tursi, surrounded by clayey badlands and then to the hypogean crypt of the Santa Maria Maggiore church, that is full of frescos and keeps a precious stoned crib realized by the author Altobello Persio.

ITINERARY 4: the roman bath of Cugno dei Vanni in Nova Siri.

Visit to the roman bath of Cugno dei Vanni in Nova Siri, to the first inhabiting structure of the first years of the imperial age and then to the the big villa with its earthenware floor and its mosaic decoration.

ITINERARY 5: the archeological area and the National Archeological Museum of Metaponto.

Visit to the extra-urban sanctuary of the “Tavole Palatine” to the urban sanctuary, to the “Agorà” and to the National Archeological Museum.


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