Archeoparco di Andriace

storia, archeologia sperimentale e natura mediterranea

The archeoreserve of Andriace

The Andriace’s archeoreserve is a cultural project of rebuilding experimental archeology thought, created and managed exclusevely by the members of the Italian archeoclub “Siritide”, an associacion takink part to the Italian Archeoclub, a public opinion national movement involving the cultural estate.

It comes up in the Montalbano Jonico municip’s zone, called “Andriace’s wood” and it is extended for 10 hectares. It is the biggest  experimental archeological reserve of Italy and a big archeological open air museum, that could compete only with some structures of the Italian north.

The structure proposes the natural size rebuilding of manifactures, scientifically certificated by archeological, literal and iconographical sources (neolithic village, ikria); experimental archeological laboratories, demonstrations of old technologies and historical reevocations, according to the re-enactement methods; different naturalistic tracks to discover the “mediterranean spot” of the jonica’s territorial zone, organized with save and eqipped tracks, with didactical grants’ susten and practical activities that allow to know the ancient history of the territory and the tipical vegetable species of the mediterranean habitat.

Destinators: all the slots of age. Activities and laboratories will be organized according to the age and to the time of the laboratories (full-time or part-time).

Operators: activities and laboratories will be done by archeologists, cultural estate operators of the artistic craftsmanship, restoretors and tourist guides, who have been always commited in the experimental didactic. The visits are availables also in the English language.

Development’s methods: the project will carried out when the archeoreserve is open (1 March-30 November).


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