Archeoparco di Andriace

storia, archeologia sperimentale e natura mediterranea

Full-time or part-time visits

Activities and laboratories could carry out full-time (from 9.30 to 16.30 with a break at 11.00 and lunch at 13.00, in a conventional structure if you want) or part-time (from 9.30 to 13.00 with a break at 11.00).

Every group will be of 15 people and will be guided by an archeologist or a cultural estate operator and by an assistant.



PROJECT A:  general visit of the archeoreserve.

Purpose: to increase the value of the territory by an historical, antropological and naturalistic point of view. The archeoreserve, with its 10 hectares of extention, offers to the tourist special historic-naturalistic features of the jonico territory.

Curried out activities: introduction, naturalistic tracks: “the mediterranean nature track”, “the damp track”, visit to the neolithic village and to ikria.

Only for didactic visits: there is an addictional didactic  activity “In the search of the Golden Fleece” (a treasure hunting), where the boys/girls will learn to know and interact with the territory  through the information given by operators and they will practise what have learned.

PROJECT B: the archeologist job.

Purpose: make the tourists know the most real and concrete aspect of the archeologist, making them think on the importance of the archeological research in the historical rebuilding and make them improve in the use of a specific lexic related to the subject. Although the activity will reveal the secrects of a manufactured working from its finding to its  museum exposition.

Carried out activities: introduction to the archeology, use of specific tools, work orginization, finds’ making the most and museum exposition.


PROJECT C: potter for a day.

Purpose: a unique meeting with a versatile material, a new touching experience, a moulds’ percepcion, an invitation to develop the creativity through the manipulation.

Carried out activities: to improve your free expressive ability, to manipulate the clay, to rebuild ancient manufactured.

PROJECT D: living the village.

Purpose: to make you know what was the prehistorical men’s lifestyle and make you touch tools and objects of their daily life, in order to discover better the neolithic reality, an age so far but also so fascinating!

Carried out activities: prehistoric notions (Paleolithic, Mesolithic,Neolithic), use of specific tools, experimental reproduction of materials’manipulation.


PROJECT E: plays in the ancient world.

Purpose: Trough the arceological testimony, tourists will learn to know and experiment some of the most common plays in the ancient world.

Curried out activities: to recognize the importance of the play in every age and culture, to play by the rules, to change the play into a collective form of comunication.


PROJECT F: the archeoreserve’s traks, between the water cult and the mediterranean nature.

Purpose: immersed in the last stip of the  jonico’s mediterranean spot, the tourists will know an uncontaminated territory with its surprising nature.

Carried out activities: to increase the motor and relational abilities in a natural setting, to respect the nature and its characteristics, to do trekking as middle of learning and social relations.


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